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Mobile App Development

what is Mobile App Development
There is good news for Apple fans as Apple has unveiled iOS 10 beta 1 they have been waiting for since long. This news is confirmed during Apple’s big WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2016 keynote. This OS updates comprises major changes for a wide range of applications, services as well as features, whether its Messages, Apple Music, Photos, Siri, Apple Pay, News, Maps, Control Center and many more.

This brand new software is feasible to download & install right away and it’s packed with very thrilling fresh features that iPhone, iPad & iPod touch users are crazy. So now is the right time to stop discussion about all the new features and start trying them out.

Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen of iPhone and iPad.
It also offers interactive live status updates with applications such as Uber (Riding Booking apps).
Apple also integrated 3D touch if you want to clear all your notifications.
It added different shortcut to quickly get to your music app or camera.
Siri will be open up specific application and do action.
Siri can do ride bokking with Lyft and Uber and you can talk with various workout apps.
Siri will also help with Photo sharing apps like IM and Pinterest.
iMessage will have rich links inline; it represents that you can operate videos from YouTube or songs from Music without lifting out to any other application.
QuickType keyboard with Siri intelligence can understand the context of what you are typing, by influencing different words in suggestion bar above the keyboard.
QuickType is also adding a handy button for your present location whenever someone asks and quote. It will also be helpful to look for someone’s contact information.
QuickType iOS 10, it is the ability to paste a recent address you looked up without having to copy it to the clipboard.
QuickType can track your availability through calendar and past locations which had searched online.
Just as Google Photos, Apple is applying Artificial Intelligence and image identification technology into its photos applica

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